Introducing Rectify11

Rectify11 improves the consistency of Windows 11 by modifying system files in a safe way, and by using various programs to improve the Windows 11 experience.
Better scaling
Rectify11 makes UI controls consistent on different resolutions and scaling options by improving Microsoft's visual style.
Better UI
We have replaced most legacy icons with modern icons and updated older Metro based dialogs to use Fluent Design.
Truly consistent
We have tried our best to replicate fluent controls in our themes, and add proper dark mode support to most apps.
Better performance
In future releases, you will be able to choose things that you want to debloat in your system.
Better experience
Rectify11 adds many quality of life improvements to Windows 11.
Better icons
Rectify11 modernizes almost all of the ancient icon libraries in Windows 11, making your experience more consistent.